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Safety Features

Experience safer bathing with the security of an Erie Step-In Tub. Complete with a low-threshold tub opening, grab bars, and a handful of built-in safety features, the Erie Step-In Tub is a revolution in the way we bathe.

All Erie Step-In Tubs come with a first-class safety package to help alleviate fears of bathroom falls and promote safer bathroom habits.

Safety Features

Low 4” Step-Through Design
Easily enter and exit the tub without climbing over a slippery tub wall (left or right swinging door available).

No-Slip Tub Surfaces and Seating
Extra grip gives you that extra peace of mind!

Wide 17” High Built-in Seating
Extra roomy and positioned for easy and safer bathing.

Built-In Safety Grab Bars
Always have something to hold onto when entering and exiting the tub.

Easy-Touch Control Panel
Control heat and jets from a control panel within easy reach.

Mold and Bacteria Resistant Tub Finish
An Erie Step-In Tub protects you from not only slips and falls, but also bathroom-borne illnesses.

Easy Release, Fast-Flow Drain
No bending over to drain the tub with our conveniently placed drain control.

Hand-Held Shower Wand
Bathe at your own pace with a shower head you control.

Conveniently Placed Faucet Controls
All faucet controls are conveniently placed and easily within reach.

Simple Door Locking Handle
Our door lock requires little physical effort to open and close.

Erie Walk-In Tub Interior

Safety Grab Bar

Control Panel

Erie Walk-In Tub Green

Built-In Hydrotherapy

An Erie Step-In Tub not only offers unparalleled safety, but also a set of premium hydrotherapy features that offers a complete in-home spa experience and pain relieving benefits. Read more…

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