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Built-in Hydrotherapy

An Erie Step-In Tub offers a comprehensive in-home spa package as well as unparalleled safety including a complete hydrotherapy system for optimal luxury, comfort, and pain relief.

Explore the benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home with hydrotherapy jets built into every step-in tub from Erie Tubs. Water therapy has been used for centuries to help alleviate muscle tightness and improve circulation which can increase the range of motion in limbs affected by pain or stiffness.

Hydrotherapy Features

Full Submersion & Buoyancy
Because of the Erie Step-In Tub’s extra-deep design, you’re ensured a fully submersed bathing experience. When fully submersed, the body experiences buoyancy. Buoyancy relieves pressure on the joints and muscles, lessening the discomfort caused by rheumatic conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. The hydrostatic pressure on the body also affects the nervous system that has an overall pain and pressure relieving effect on the body.

Gentle Air Jet Therapy
The Erie Air Jets in every Erie Step-In Tub features 14 gentle air jets that surround your body and massage away aches and pains with a continuous steam of air bubbles. Each jet is a finely tuned balance of pressure and size for a relaxing, refreshing bathing experience.

Water Jet Therapy
The Erie Water Therapy Jets includes 6 built-in hydrotherapy water jets that are strategically placed around the body to zone in on joins and muscles to soothe away aches and pains. Each jet is fully adjustable at various directions, speeds, and intensities to help you customize your level of relief.

In-Line Heater
With an Erie Step-In Tub, you won’t have to interrupt your relaxing bath to fiddle with water temperature. Each tub is outfitted with an in-line heating system that constantly circulates the water throughout the tub ensuring a consistent and even heating.

Science suggests that color can play a large part in stress management and relaxation, and an Erie Step-In Tub comes complete with in-tub chromatherapy lighting and customizable color settings that allows you to set the ambiance to your mood.

Built-In AM/FM Radio
The Erie Step-In Tub is a total relaxation package providing nearly every bath enhancing feature, and the built-in AM/FM radio and speaker system is no exception. Listen to music or radio programs with crystal clear audio quality all while relaxing in a full-submersion bathing experience.

Easy-Touch Control Panel
The Easy-Touch Control Panel is always within reach allowing you to customize your bathing experience down to the drop. Each feature of the tub from the water and air jets to the radio, lighting, and heating is fully customizable from a control panel that is always an arm’s length away.

Hydrotherapy Water Jets
Easy-Touch Control Panel
Erie Step-In Tub Interior

Built-In Hydrotherapy

An Erie Step-In Tub not only offers unparalleled safety and hydrotherapy, but also can be installed in as little as one day by our expertly trained factory installation teams. Read more…

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