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  • I was most satisfied how the jets run. I was having back pains, and after the use of the jets, I felt perfect.1030 days ago in Fairview Height, IL
  • The man that did the installation, was very time courteous and welcoming. The sales team, did a great job as well.1063 days ago in Otsego, MI
  • I was satisfied all around, they were very professional, and did a very good job.1172 days ago in Cass City, MI
  • I am most satisfied that they always do quality work and handle any issues that need revolving, such as replacement windows to and for reaching my satisfaction.1210 days ago in Port Huron, MI
  • They guys that did the work were prompt and timely. They covered the floor, and they went right to work without taking many breaks. We were a little concerned with timing, and it all worked out. Everyone we worked with did a wonderful job, and they all deserve recognition.1242 days ago in Hills Dale, MI
  • They were very considerate of me, and they cleaned up the area beautifully. I'm very satisfied.1259 days ago in Fremont, IN
  • I was most satisfied with finally getting in the tub and taking a bath. From start to finish, I've been satisfied with what they've done.1303 days ago in Liberty, IN
  • I can't say enough good things about their company. From top to bottom they are a class operation. It wasn't cheap but like anything else, you get what you pay for. We got more than we paid for. I also like the fact that their products are 100 percent American made.1483 days ago in Columbus, OH
  • I was most satisfied with Erie Construction Midwest because they did a good job. They cleaned up good and explained everything very well1483 days ago in Minster, OH
  • Erie Construction Midwest Inc did a great job!1513 days ago in Eureka, MO
  • They got here on time, got the work done in one day, and they cleaned up afterwards. We love it.1513 days ago in Cincinnati, OH
  • We liked the product and are very happy with it.1532 days ago in Saginaw, MI
  • They did a very good job very promptly. They installed everything very nice and clean.1540 days ago in Bay City, MI
  • I am having Erie Construction come back to update my kitchen with new cabinets and a sink. I am currently waiting for that. I would love for it to be done as quickly as possible.1555 days ago in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Everyone was knowledgeable and they explained everything to me. I really appreciated the time they took to do this.1557 days ago in Port Huron, MI
  • They did everything they said they were going to. It really made our bathroom look a whole lot different; my husband and I are really satisfied.1582 days ago in Flint, MI
  • I was most satisfied with the way that the employees acted. Erie Construction Midwest was a good company to work with. I have done business with them in the past.1596 days ago in Tecumseh, MI
  • I was impressed with everything.1604 days ago in Fort Wayne, IN
  • I'd like to recognize the installer, and the guy who originally came and gave us the information. They were all very professional and helpful.1725 days ago in Portage, MI
  • I was most satisfied with the material. It's so easy to clean. I had a tub before that I couldn't get it clean. This doesn't hold iron color from hard water stains like my old one did.1751 days ago in Akron, OH
  • I was satisfied with just dealing with them. They made it easier then the other bath companies did.1799 days ago in Union, MO
  • I would like to recognize Tim Jackson at Erie Construction Midwest for his exceptional service.1807 days ago in Lebanon, OH
  • Everyone we worked with was great. I would recommend Ramsey and the other installer to anybody. In fact, I wish they could've stayed and visited us longer. I told them that they have a standing innovation and our doors is always open.1812 days ago in Fredrickstown, OH
  • I would like to recognize the foreman at Erie Construction Midwest for his exceptional service.1820 days ago in Gillespie, IL
  • I was satisfied with my entire experience working with Erie Construction Midwest because they did a great job on everything!1829 days ago in Middletown, OH
  • The two that worked at my house were superb, they were very professional and courteous. Billy who came and introduced us to Erie construction was also very good..1862 days ago in Toledo, OH
  • I was satisfied that the work was done in a timely manner. It was done in 8 hours.1863 days ago in Hudsonville, MI
  • I only dealt with Chris Becker from Erie Construction Midwest. He came back to correct the issues with the caulking and ensured everything was done correctly before he left. 1890 days ago in Vandalia, IL
  • I am extremely satisfied with my new tub and I would recommend Erie Construction Midwest to anyone who asks about it!1890 days ago in Vandalia, IL
  • I was most satisfied with the total approach of the job. The removal of the old tub and the installation of the new tub was seamless. We didn't have to leave our home, the work was professionally done, and it was all followed up on. Their office scheduled everything very well.1968 days ago in Maryville, IL
  • I'd like to recognize the installers, the measurers, and all of their workers for their exceptional service. The supervision of everything was excellent as well. Everything was perfect.1968 days ago in Maryville, IL
  • I was most satisfied with the end product. I liked the way the young men came to my house and conducted themselves professionally. They cleaned up and tried to be helpful.1981 days ago in Florissant Mo, MO
  • Wade was the one I did the actual contact with. My concern was that I did not want to spend 2 days away from school when it just started, and they worked it out with me. They came on Labor Day, and I took off the next day. I really appreciated that.1981 days ago in Florissant Mo, MO
  • I thought the work crew was really nice. I have large dog and I was a little concerned, but the crew got along famously with him. They would even pet him even though he barked at them. That was a plus for me because I like for my animals to be comfortable. I was very pleased that they put in my tub ahead of time.1996 days ago in Batavia, OH
  • I would like to recognize the crew that put it in at Erie Construction Midwest for their exceptional service. Rick was very professional and did a great job.2017 days ago in Williamsburg, OH
  • I was most satisfied that the rest of the job was done very nicely. The installation was done very nicely. I admire those guys. The installation crew are in a class by themselves. They did some hard work. Justin and Jeff did a great job. They got the job done in two days. We are using the tub and are...2025 days ago in Austintown, OH
  • They did a very good job of installing it, and they cleaned up after themselves. They were really pleasant. It was a satisfactory experience all around.2039 days ago in BELLEFONTAINE, OH
  • The leader of the installation crew was very good. He explained what needed to be explained to me, and they were well experienced with what they were doing. They were very efficient, and they cleaned up after themselves very well.2039 days ago in BELLEFONTAINE, OH
  • Everyone did a great job. They were all great. The main guy was great. The boys were good. They climbed up under the house and put the wire up. They did the job great. They were mannerly and kept busy at their job. They were quick.2067 days ago in Hillsboro, OH
  • I was most satisfied with the quality of the workmanship provided Erie Construction Midwest.2091 days ago in Melrose, IA